Take the 5210 Challenge!

Encourage your children to keep a daily log of their lifestyle throughout the summer!  You can even join in on the fun - have your entire family compete!  Use the calendar to keep track of how well you live 5210 healthy and then use the key on the bottom to calculate your points!  You can compete for each month, or use every week as a new challenge - up to you!

Discuss as a family how easily eating 5 servings of fruits/veggies daily can be: a banana on cereal at breakfast, a fruit snack in the morning, celery/carrot sticks at lunch, a fruit snack in the afternoon, and then a veggie with dinner!

As a family, come up with a list of activities that you can turn to instead of turning on the electronics!  For kids, they could color, build a fort, use their imagination to create something, help clean around the house, dance to music in their room, or play outside.  As a family, you could have ideas to hit the beach, go for bikes rides, or have a family game night!

Sixty minutes of physical activity can be accumulated throughout the day in 10 minute increments, such as 10 minutes playing tag, playing on the playground or vacuuming.  Any activities that increase breathing and make your heart beat faster, such as biking, roller skating, swimming, sweeping the garage, or walking the dog, are all acceptable!  Encourage family activities - it's more fun when you're in it together!  Just like wearing our seat belts, physical activity becomes a habit that will improve fitness and health to last a lifetime!

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Work together as a family to avoid sugary drinks.  If you don't purchase them at the store, then they won't be a battle at home.  Encourage everyone to drink more water - and make it fun!  Keep a pitcher of water in the fridge and flavor it with various combinations of fruits, vegetables and herbs and keep track of everyone's favorites!  Try strawberries and kiwi, sliced up oranges for an alternative to orange juice, or add basil and bell peppers for a little spice!