Unveiling Our Master Plan

Hello there MS Gulf Coast!

We are so excited to finally be launching our Blog!  There is so much going on within our program, we've been exploring different avenues in which to share it with you.  We hope that this becomes a great platform for us to connect with you and start new conversations, around the work that we're doing and topics related to the 5210 message.  Check back regularly to see what we've been up to, leave comments to let us know what you think of our posts and if you have questions or topics that you'd like us to explore - just let us know!

As I'm sure you already know from sniffing around our website, Let's Go! Gulf Coast is a local, non-profit program that aims at combating childhood obesity.  Childhood obesity is a monstrous issue, so we have our work cut out for ourselves!  However, research has shown that when trying to address childhood obesity, you can't simply target children.  Which makes sense when you think about it...children aren't grocery shopping, cooking meals, or necessarily in control of what they are served.  Therefore, we need to not only target children, but parents, grandparents, caregivers, aunts, uncles, youth, and basically everyone else that surrounds our children.  This sounds like a lot, and it definitely can seem daunting, but that's why we love our program so much!  How will we conquer childhood obesity, you ask?  Well, let us briefly explain our strategy...

Let's Go! Gulf Coast promotes the simple, healthy message of 5210 to both children and adults - We want everyone to start living 5210 healthy every day!  That's the main reason we love the 5210 message so much, because it's applicable to children, youth, and adults.  Some models only target children or only adults, and we think that can be confusing!  We preferred a message that is simple, easy and all-inclusive.

So we have this great message - now what?  Well, we are looking to partner with early childcare centers, schools, after school programs, workplaces, and healthcare facilities in order to push this message out into the community.  Research shows that the more people are exposed to a simple, healthy message then the more likely they are to integrate it into their lives.  We want kids to learn about 5210 at school, go home and talk to their parents about it at the dinner table, and have parents say that they make healthier choices at work because their workplace is a Proud Partner of Let's Go! Gulf Coast.  Then on the weekend when kids are visiting their grandparents, they hear how their grandparents use the 5210 message at church.  See how it's all starting to come full circle?  You're probably reading this thinking "Ohhh, now I get it - I see what you're doing there...pretty smart." 

Our master plan, summarized: Fully infiltrate communities with the 5210 message, so that nobody can escape it.  Partner with various organizations, through which we help them make environmental changes to support healthier living.  Keep repeating until people start to make behavioral changes so that they, and their families, are living 5210 healthy!