5-2-1-0 Goes to Healthcare

These resources are here to supplement your toolkit.  Resources are organized into the '6 Strategies for Success.'  Under each section, there is information specific for schools and information that can be easily distributed to parents.  The 'Parent Handouts' can also make great signs to hang around your school and rotate in-and-out!

Getting Started

Provider Tools

Talking with Patients & Families

Office Tools

Patient Tools

Patient Tools: 0-2 Year Olds

Patient Tools: 2-18 Year Olds


Eat at Least 5 Fruits & Vegetables Every Day.


Limit Recreational Screen Time to 2 Hours or Less Every Day.


Get 1 Hour or More of Physical Activity Every day.


Drink Water and Low-Fat Milk; Limit or Eliminate Sugary Drinks.