Lighten Up Biloxi

FREE, Community-based 2 MONTH Weight Loss Challenge


Lighten Up Biloxi is a program offered by Let’s Go! Gulf Coast, an initiative of the MS Gulf Coast Youth Health Coalition.  Let's Go! Gulf Coast is all about healthy eating and active living for MS Gulf Coast children, their families, and the communities in which they live, learn, work, and play!
Lighten Up Biloxi is a free, two-month weight loss challenge.  The program aims to bring the entire community together in order to improve the health of its citizens and create a culture of healthy habits!  While targeting ‘health seekers,’ people who wish to lead healthier lives but are uncertain of where to begin, the program is open to anyone who wishes to improve upon their health.
The core essence of the program is the Lighten Up Biloxi Calendar.  The calendar depicts the two months the program operates and will list free events for participants to attend, by showing their Participant ID Card, 
each and every day.  Events will include, but not be limited to, exercise classes, nutrition classes, and healthy family events.
The Lighten Up program first launched in Ocean Springs during the spring
of 2016, where 376 people joined the program.  Participation grew even more when the program spread to Pascagoula last fall, with 574 people joining.  Lighten Up Biloxi has the potential to be the largest yet!

Lighten Up biloxi CALENDARS


Tuesday, May 2: 5p - 8p @ Kroc Center

Thursday, May 4: 5p - 8p @ Donal Snyder

An optional weigh in for participants, however there will be an incentive for coming!  Stop by anytime during these two times, get weighed in and check in with us quick, and you'll be entered into a raffle to win some fun prizes!  We'll do a raffle drawing after the Tuesday weigh in and after the Thursday weigh in, then contact the winners the following day!


FINAL WEIGH Out options

Thursday, June 1: 7a - 10a  & 5p - 8p @ Donal Snyder

Friday, June 2: 7a - 10a @ Kroc Center

Saturday, June 3: 10a - 1p @ Kroc Center

What participants RECEIVE

Lighten Up Biloxi Calendar

  • Free events will be listed for each day for participants to attend as they wish, by only showing their Participant ID Card
  • Events will include, but not limited to:
    • Nutrition talks & demonstrations
    • Exercise classes
    • Family fun events



FREE participant Packets

  • Lighten Up Biloxi Calendar
  • Participant ID Card
  • Lighten Up Biloxi Calendar
  • Discounts on healthy menu items at local restaurants
  • Gym bag and water bottle
  • Prediabetes screening, offered by the National Diabetes and Obesity Research Center at Tradition
  • Healthy handouts and information
  • 5210 Challenge
  • And so much more!

These two documents were presented and distributed at the Biloxi City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 24th:

Want your organization or BUSINESS to get involved?

We'd love for your local business or organization to participate!  We want to make this event the best it can be!  Start thinking of great ideas and ways to help bring our community together and be healthier together.

Have a class or event you'd like to offer on the Daily Activity Calendar?  

You could offer a paddle boarding demonstration, yoga class, local bike ride, day passes to your fitness center, discount on healthy food options, a walk around town - the possibilities are endless!  We'd love for your fitness center, garden club, restaurant, bike club, etc. to get involved!

Have a prize you'd like to donate for the raffle?

All participants who reach or exceed their weight loss goal will be entered into the raffle - let's celebrate them!  You could donate fitness memberships/passes, gift cards, healthy gift baskets, fitness equipment, etc. - the possibilities are endless!

Simply contact Kelsey Keel, Director of the Childhood Obesity Initiative, to discuss how you would like to be involved or to make a raffle prize donation.  Contact information is listed below.

for more information


Call: Kelsey Keel @ (228) 369-2912

Event locations/addresses

Donal Snyder Community Center

2520 Pass Road, Biloxi, MS 39531

Salvation Army Kroc Center

575 Division Street, Biloxi, MS 39530

As local businesses, restaurants, organizations, and clubs agree to participate in this amazing community event, then their addresses will also be listed here, to help direct participants to locations that may be new to them!

We want to give a special thank you to everyone who IS helping make this program a success:

FREE EventS, Programs & DISCOUNTS

Salvation Army Kroc Center

City of Biloxi

Biloxi Main Street

MS Gulf Coast YMCA

Bike Biloxi

Anytime Fitness

Southern Elite Fitness

One80 Fitness

Biloxi Police Department

Ole' Biloxi Fillin' Station


Wing Zone

Java Jo'z in OS






City of Biloxi

Salvation Army Kroc Center

National Diabetes and Obesity Research Center at Tradition

Biloxi Police Department